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   Graphic Design Journals and Magazines were published in Europe, the U.S. and other countries starting in the 19th century. Germany, for example, was a leader in printing and boasted a large number of journals. The journals covered graphic design, typography, illustration, advertising, photography, book publishing and other related subjects such as the mechanical aspects of publishing.
   Many of these journals possess beautiful graphics of their own and are an excellent source for information about the artists and images displayed elsewhere in this website.
   I have a large number of these journals (mostly from Germany) in my collection and continue to add additional examples. What I have decided to do is to include images from these journals in a unique section, separate from the countries or subjects they are associated with. The reason for this is that the images cover the full range of graphic design from book covers to posters and it made sense to include them together in on section, rather than out of context in a country or subject section.
   The images included in the journals are generally tipped-in (or reproduced versions) of posters, brochures, advertisements, book covers, letterheads, etc.. They are not the originals themselves but they are original examples from the design journals of the period. So they meet my standard of being originals. None of these images are modern reproductions.
   For each image, I have noted the source of the image (journal, magazine country, etc..) as well as whatever other information I possess as well as translations where possible.

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Poster for "Meinl Kv," 1930.  Designed by "Alexander Bortnyik." From "Archiv fr Buchgewerbe und Gebrauchsgraphik."